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Petrochemical (Fastener) Coatings

plastic coating of pipe fittings and  components for petrochemicals One of Plastic Coating’s specialities is the coating of Fasteners in PTFE and Bonded Lubricants for use within the Petrochemical Industry.

For over 30 years PCL have served the Fasteners Industry, nationwide, from a dedicated unit within the Kingswinford site.

The emphasis has always been on a providing class leading service, technical ability and competitive pricing.

Investment and Compliance
Considerable investment by the IPT Group, during 2010, lead to the installation of new equipment, changes to the layout and the introduction of additional processes which enables us to comply fully with a wide range of specifications required within the Industry today.
This demonstrates the IPT Group’s commitment to ensuring that Plastic Coatings Ltd. remains the Supplier of Choice to the Fastener Industry.

We are fully compliant with:
  • Aker Solutions
    • C-156.0
    • C-156.1
    • C-156.3
    • C-156.4
    • C-156.5
    • C-156.6
    • C-156.7
    • C-156.8
    • C-156.9
  • FMC Energy Systems
    • FMC C81000
    • FMC C81001
    • FMC C81004
    • FMC C81007
  • Dow Chemical
    • G4S-3252-01
  • Vetco Gray
    • VGS
    • VGS
    • VGS
  • Cameron
    • X-027022-01
    • X-027022-02
    • X-027022-03
    • X-027047-01
    • X-027047-02
    • X-027047-03
  • Wellstream
    • MTL-5137

For other specifications please ask, our Sales Team are happy to help.


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