Resicoat for Electrical Insulation Properties

Resicoat for Electrical Insulation Properties

Energy is a hot topic at the moment, whether you are in the Automotive industry looking at Electric Vehicle Development, Alternative and Renewable Energy Industries or looking at Safety and product development in Nuclear Plants, Hospitals, Data Centres etc – You have likely considered the issues around transferring electrical energy cleanly and safely and as a result you’ve given electrical insulation lots of thought along the way.

Plastic Coatings Ltd are currently working with several electrical engineering companies on current projects and R&D for the electrical insulation of a range of components including bus bars, conductive components and electrical connectors. These components are used in a range of applications including low and high voltage systems, energy storage and energy distribution.

We are pleased to confirm that we have now added Resicoat from Akzo Nobel to our existing range of coatings to help with some exciting new projects that we are currently working on. Resicoat compliments our existing range of insulating coatings, including Vylastic PVC, 3M Skotchkote FBE, Halar ECTFE, PPA & Nylon 11 – All of which offer their own unique combinations of electrical insulation, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, UV stabilisation, corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. This means that whether you are working on low volume for R&D or production volume projects we likely have a solution to your electrical insulation needs.

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