Plastic Coatings Ltd featured in Working Life Exhibition

Plastic Coatings Ltd featured in Working Life Exhibition

Community exhibition at Guildford Museum, Surrey

Plastic Coatings Ltd will be featured in a forthcoming temporary exhibition at Guildford Museum by the Joining In! Men’s Group, Guildford. The exhibition will look at the industries and companies that the men worked for, in Guildford, during the second half of the 20th century including Plastic Coatings Ltd.

The ‘Guildford at Work’ exhibition will run from 18th November 2017 to 13th January 2018 at Guildford Museum.

Plastic Coatings Ltd was founded in 1952 in Guildford and as can be seen in the images below, the company started out dip coating as a sub contract service.

Plastic Coatings Ltd Dip Coating 1952Plastic Coatings Dip Coating Inspection 1952

These days, Plastic Coatings Ltd is a market leader is sub-contract coating services, offering Powder Coating, Electrophoretic Painting, Wet Painting, Plastic and PVC (Vylastic) Dip coating and many many more.