Electrical Insulation Coatings for Electric Vehicle Technology

Electrical Insulation Coatings for Electric Vehicle Technology

Electric Vehicle Technology and its development are very much the topic of the moment. If you're involved in electric vehicle platform development you have likely considered the issues around transferring electrical energy cleanly and safely and as a result you’ve given electrical insulation lots of thought along the way.

Plastic Coatings Ltd are currently working at the very forefront of thermoplastic coating application for electrical insulation. Both on current production and R&D projects for the electrical insulation of a range of components including busbars, conductive components, sheilds and electrical connectors. These components are used in a range of applications including low and high voltage systems, energy storage and energy distribution, our coatings offer insulation up to 40kv.

We offer a wide range of insulating coatings, including Resicoat, Vylastic PVC, 3M Skotchkote FBE, Halar ECTFE, PPA & Nylon 11 – All of which offer their own unique combinations of electrical insulation, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, UV stabilisation, corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. They are also mostly thermoplastic materials which are more environmentally friendly and better for end of life recyclability.

Additionally our experience in this field means that we understand the complex nature of needing contact points that remain conductive and areas of components that require insulating. We have tried and testing masking techniques that are highly flexible and can cope with even the most complex of requirements.

We have several processes 'ready to go' for this type of coating technology. So whether you are working on low volume for R&D or production volume projects we will have a cost effective, no up-front investment, scalable solution to your electrical insulation needs.

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