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JCB Approved Coater

Plastic Coatings Ltd are extremely proud to announce that we have gained approval for the JCB supply chain 

The JCB Supply chain is a very demanding one, and rightly so! JCB vehicles are used to carry out some of the most demanding tasks in the world and they do so in some of the most demanding environments in the world. That’s why the coating systems and coating performance standards that JCB specify are so stringent.

PCL’s wide range of coating processes puts us in a position where we can offer several systems that meet JCB’s needs, these processes have all been independently verified and independently tested to prove that they meet every aspect of JCB’s requirements.                

E-coat (electrophoretic coating) – 1000 hours NSS test – PASS                 

Zinc Phosphate with Polyester Powder Coating – 1000 hours NSS test – PASS                

E-coat with Polyester Powder Coating top coat – 1000 hours NSS test – PASS

NSS or Salt Spray Testing was carried out by an independent UKAS approved laboratory, along side this testing PCL carried out it’s own NSS tests in our own laboratory. Proving that the coating systems passed the tests on two separate pieces of test equipment and further proving that our testing services are comparable those offered by a UKAS lab.

Combine this approval with our new large parts coating facility no matter what the item that you need coating, Plastic Coatings Ltd are very likely to be able to help!

So if you’re looking for an approved JCB coating applicator or you simply want a coating that is applied to professional standards and offers fantastic performance, contact us now and see how we can help you.