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Not just Plastic Coatings... Our new fleet

Many of our long term customers will already know that Plastic Coatings Ltd are proud to offer a collection and delivery service in addition to the many and varied coating processes that we provide.

On Friday October 18th, we took delivery of our brand new fleet of HGV's. The vehicle graphics have been completely redesigned to closer match our marketing materials and our website design. We think the vehicles look great and really support the message 'Not just plastic coatings...'

Plastic Coatings Ltd Powder Coating

As you can see on the rear of the vehicles and here, we offer many different types of coatings and we support most industry sectors! Each of Plastic Coatings Ltd' coating systems is designed to enhance our customers products in different ways depending upon the customer needs.

Plastic Coatings Ltd

With such a wide range of coatings available and a delivery & collection service, it's easy to see why we are many companies first choice for industrial coatings in the UK.

Why not contact us now and see how we can support your next project? 

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