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Plastic Coatings Ltd, This month in 1969...

Back in 1969, Plastic Coatings Ltd were looking at ways to diversify beyond the application of specialist coatings onto customer supplied product. An idea was born, to use one of our dip coatings on a special mould tool in order to create a unique product. This went on to be an idea that secured Plastic Coatings Ltd position as an award winning innovator.

Launched in November 1969, 320,000 pairs of Globoots were sold within a year.

Globoots were unique in being double dip-moulded in specially formulated grades of PVC Plastisol. This made the boots completely water proof with the bright translucent uppers and the opaque soles being made as one without seams.

In 1971, the innovation was recognised and Plastic Coatings Ltd were awarded a British Design Council award for this ground breaking product. 

Small collections of the full range still exist, the most notable being in storage at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), this collection was displayed in the Museum as part of a celebration of British design during the London Olympics in 2012.

Glo boots photograph 1969