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Electric Vehicle Technology

Specialist electric vehicle coating services.

Plastic Coatings Ltd offer one of the widest ranges of coatings for solving problems and overcoming the challenges presented by the development of electrical vehicle technology.

Whether the vehicles in question are private cars & bikes, light commercial vehicles (LCV), heavy goods vehicles (HGV) or specialist vehicles used in motorsport, whether they are hybrid or true pure electric vehicles, the handling and transfer of power between electrical components present many challenges.

Our coatings offer an excellent range of properties that can benefit the design and packaging of electric vehicle technology.

Electrical insulation

Whether working on high voltage side or low voltage side, electrical insulation is critical for safety and efficiency but also critical in enabling compact packaging of the electrical system within the vehicle.

Plastic Coatings Ltd have coating solutions that combine protection against harsh environments with excellent dielectric strength, resulting in robust electrical insulation values up to 30kv.

Plastic Coatings Ltd have been working on electrical component insulation for vehicles for well over 10 years, predominantly with motorsport companies and KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems). We’ve also been working on electrical insulation of safety critical components for Aerospace and Defence applications for more than 20 years.

We’re used to complex product design that may require several areas to remain conductive whilst the main component is insulated (or vise-versa). We achieve this using a range of cost effective masking solutions, these masks allow us to apply the insulation coating only in the areas where it is needed.

Electrical Conductivity

Conversely, you may want properties such as corrosion or chemical protection with an electrically conductive coating, we have a separate range of coatings that can cater for this application.

Protection against Harsh Environments

Coatings don’t just offer electrical properties, many of the coating systems we offer can protect components from harsh chemical exposure (brake fluid, fuels, acids, strong alkali), protect against corrosion, protect against UV exposure and even offer impact protection against things like stone chips.

Our thermoplastic materials are also more flexible than thermosetting plastics and traditional paints, this means they don’t split or fatigue under vibration and they offer increased flexibility, this can even benefit crash worthiness as material integrity can be maintained even when the substrate has been bent or distorted.

When things go really wrong, some of the coatings offer additional properties such as being self extinguishing, flame retardant and low smoke & fume.

All of these properties are maintained through a wide range of operating temperatures.

Environmentally Friendly

The coatings we offer are predominantly thermoplastic materials. This aspect is a huge benefit over some alternatives in that thermoplastics are more environmentally friendly materials and are more easily recycled at the end of vehicle life.

Established Technology and Processes

The processes for coating application are well established at Plastic Coatings Ltd. We’ve been in business since 1958 and we’ve been applying insulation materials for well over 20 years for the Aerospace and Defence industries. This means that we can offer cost effective, scalable production solutions from prototypes to small scale production and into full mass production projects, without additional investment in plant and equipment.

We’ve also been involved in automotive supply chains for over 30 years, so we understand the demands of the supply chain. We have IATF 16949 approval for our coating application processes, so you can have confidence that our processes and service are controlled, repeatable and reliable.

Vehicles include:

  • Cars
  • Bike (Motor bikes, scooters, quad bikes)
  • Light Commercial vehicles (LCV)
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV)
  • Buses, Coaches, Minibuses
  • Agricultural and construction equipment
  • Motorsport
  • Material Handling

Components include:

  • Busbars
  • Connectors
  • Shields
  • Battery boxes
  • Service tools
  • Neighbouring components

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