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Bonded Lubricant Coating

High performance bonded lubricant coatings.

The application of Bonded Lubricants also takes place within the High Performance Section at Plastic Coatings Ltd.

Typical Bonded Lubricants would be Molykote ®, Molydag ®, Molydal ®, and Everslik ®. Applied in a similar fashion to PTFE coatings Bonded Lubricants have properties of their own.

They are used obviously as a dry lubricant, however, the best way to explain the difference between these coatings and PTFE is to say that in general PTFE as a dry Lubricant Coating is suitable for fast moving light loads whereas Bonded Lubricants are better suited to heavier slow moving loads.

Related Processes:

Under pressure Bonded Lubricants tend to compress and stay in place unlike a PTFE coating which, under sufficient pressure would move.

Features are:

  • Low Friction coating
  • Dry Lubricant
  • Good temperature resistance

Typical components might be:

  • Any Load Bearing Surface
  • Gaskets
  • Bearings
  • Drive Chains

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