Specialist Coating

Specialist Coating

Specialist Coating Services

Certain coating Processes at Plastic Coatings Ltd. are bespoke systems set up due to the requirements of the customer, market or both. Some of these have been dismantled when the requirement has come to its natural end, while others have been converted to cater for another similar process.

As an example in recent years we have set up specialist coating processes for:
  • Electrostatic spraying of thermoplastics on to Bolts used in the Water industry.
  • Electrostatic spraying of thermoplastics on to Sliders used in the manufacture of Steering Columns for VW/Audi.
  • PTFE coating of Steering Column components for Toyota.
  • PTFE coating of Rubber Seals used in Automotive Headlight assemblies
  • Electrophoretic Painting and Thermoplastic spraying of Fuel Filler Pipes for the Automotive Industry.

If you have a requirement for components to be coated in volume for commercial reasons, quality (consistency) reasons or both, we would be pleased to discuss such a project with you.

Specialist Coating Specialist Coating

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