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Celebrating 70 years of Plastic Coatings Ltd

We are extremely proud of our history here at Plastic Coatings Ltd, even more so as we mark our 70th year in 2022!

Back in 1952, Nigel Vinson (now Baron Vinson) started a company (initially called Durable Coatings) in a 'Nissen hut' in Friary Square, Guildford, Surrey.

The purpose of this company was to add durability and longevity to products produced by other local companies. The company was so successful that by the 1970's we had sites across the UK and a sister company manufacturing the coating materials for us to apply.

Dip coating Guildford 1960's

In those early days we pioneered the dip coating process, but we also quickly adopted other coating technologies as they developed and became commercially available. These technologies included PVC or Vylastic Dip Coating and Electrostatic Powder Coating.

We even won a design council award in 1969 for the in-house designed product 'Glo-boots'.

By the 1990's we had regional facilities that supported manufacturing up and down the UK. However as manufacturing declined in the UK the need for regional sites was reducing and we decided that we could more effectively support our key customers from our Kingswinford site, which benefits from a central location and convenient access to motorway links.

By 2009, Plastic Coatings Ltd was operating entirely from our Kingwinsford site, we had expanded our range of coatings in the 1990's to include 'E-coat', Thermoplastic Powder Coating and 'PTFE' Coatings, this made us a 'one-stop-shop' for many of our customers. Since 2009 we have invested significantly in our processes and facilities and we have expanded the size of our site to suit.

Making our customers products better, by adding durability and longevity remains at the heart of what we do. For Plastic Coatings Ltd to have stood the test of time, we believe that we must be amongst the very best finishing sub contractors in the UK and of course our durability as a company is because our coatings also stand the test of time. 

We are proud to have served manufacturers in the UK for the last 70 years, but we also look forward to serving our customers over the coming years.